Big Pictures, Deep Structures

Human Coordinates


Adult Countries

Linear, Cyclical, and the Spiritual Imperative

Chapter One – The Caste Model

Seekers, Warriors, Merchants, and Workers

Cyclical and Linear

Dynamics of Caste Struggle – Shorter and Shorter

The Pioneers, the Revolutionaries, and the Establishment

The Peak, the Descent, and the Third World

The Overlapping of Caste Ages

Two Economic Systems


For Better or For Worse?

Chapter Two – The Sex Model

Yin, Yang, and the Androgynous Future

Attached and Detached                                               

When Men Were Female

When Women Were Kings

East-West Divide

The Androgynous Future

Animal Rights: The Spiritual Imperative

Synthetic History

Gays, Gods, and Total Time

Women on Stage and in the Wings

Sex and Love: Too Yang To Really Be In Love

From Sex, Lies, and Videotape to Sex, Love, and Intimacy

The Androgynous Adult

Chapter Three – The Age Model

History as Infant, Child, and Teenager


Rebel Without a Cause

The Adult Future – Androgynous Adult Religion and Human Survival

Chapter Four – Feminist Revolution and the Spiritual Age

Tying It All Together

From Random to Tandem

We’re Still Too Yang To Really Be In Love

Form, Content, and Feminist Revolution

Few and Misters Miss Miss and Mrs.                 


Chapter Five – The Spiritual-Religious Age No. 1

Humanity Begins With the Religious Caste

Castes in Embryo and the Ruling Elite

Lithic Economies

Earth Mum and Heavenly Dad

The World Religions                                                      

Chapter Six – The Warrior Age


Kings, Businessmen, and the Third World

Spain and Portugal

Chapter Seven – The Merchant Age

Money Made the World Go Round

Wider and Faster                                        

Petty and Grand Imperialism

Merchants and Industrialists

The Pioneering Merchants

The Merchant Revolution

The Crown Reigns, Not Rules

The Evolutionary Side of the Revolutionary Stage of the Merchant Age

The Great Warrior-Merchant Merger                                         

The Peak Stage – The United States Leads the World

Chapter Eight – The Worker Age

Workaholics Anonymous

The Worker Caste Elite

The Machine

Pioneering Stage of the Worker Caste’s Rise to World Power

Socialist Revolution

The Apparatchiks

Meanwhile, Back at the Old Caste’s Ranch – Worker Evolution

The Public Sector

The Private Sector

Old Merchants Never Die

Worker Caste Class Pyramid

A Hell of an Engineer                                              

Chapter Nine – Tomorrow’s Great Powers

Predicting Away

Bloc Formation

Workers and the Enlightenment Triangle

The Halfway House: Economic-Political Union

From the Union to the Bloc

What Makes a Solid Bloc?                                    

The Birth of Confucio

The Ronin Reaction

The Demodori Trend: Japan Returns to Asia

Europa as No. 2

Polario – The Polar Alliance

The United States and Russia: Superpower Mentalities

The Southern Blocs               

Chapter Ten – Ranking the Three Northern Blocs

Third Place Is Not Third Rate

Worker-Caste World View to the Fore

What Happened to the Self-Made Man?

National Teamwork and World Power

The Lead Goose, the Four Geese, and the Slow Ducks

The Struggle for No. 2

Polario as No. 3: Social Solidarity or Bust

No Free Lunch

The Two Economic Systems of the Worker Age

Chapter Eleven – The East is Still Red

The Rise of Russia to Leadership of the Second World1

Communism and Japan-Style Teamwork Capitalism

The Communist Imperative

The End of the Simple “Good Old Days” of Stalin and Mao

Russia and Eastern Europe                            

The Burden of Past Success

What Really Happened to Communism and the USSR?

New Capitalist Wine in an Old Communist Bottle

Chapter Twelve – Two Embarrassing Questions for the Worker Age: Should the World Imitate Japan? Does Capitalism Really Go Together with Democracy and Freedom?

The Case Against Imitating Japan

The Immaturity of Sexism

When Loss is a Sign of Maturity

Confucio’s Short Life-Span               

Reversal of Fortune

The Subtle Spiritualization of Japan

What the Old West Can Learn From the New Japan

Democracy, Freedom and Economic Development?

Confucian Capitalism

Chapter Thirteen – The Last Caste Age: Spiritual-Religious Age No. 2

The World View of the Last Caste Age

The Religious Ruling Elite          

Tools and Know-How

Pioneering Stage


Born Again

Finally Forward                                                                                          

Religious vs. Spiritual

The End of Religion, The Beginning of Spirituality

The Great Spiritual-Religious Caste Merger

Chapter Fourteen -- The Religious Belt: Israel, India, and Islam

Religious Revolution

The Bharati and Pan-Semitic Federations -- The Two Great Powers of the Mid-21st Century

Clouds of Terror and the Silver Lining

The Religious Belt -- The Cradle of World Religion

Are All Revolutionaries Fundamentalists?                               

Spiritual Evolution: the Evolutionary Side

Caste Merger and the “W” Word

The Spiritualization of the Working Masses on the Evolutionary Side

The Bharati Federation

Hagar, Sarah, and The Pan-Semitic Federation

Chapter Fifteen -- The Great 21st Century Exodus

Three Carrots and a Stick

Kibbutz Galuyot                                                                      

Another American Crusade

After Tobacco, the Jews

Aftereffects of the Great Exodus

The Golden Calf

“Jewish” Money, Politics, and Spirituality

The Meek and the Mighty

Palestine Returns       

Chapter Sixteen -- Spiritualizing the Economic System

Kaliyuga’s Feet of Clay

On Bread Alone

The Bread Rises

The Four Movements

Appropriate Technology                                                 

Using Appropriate Technology to Industrialize -- The Religious Belt

Economic Equality

The Kibbutz As Cushion

Esperanto Is Not Desperanto

Elimination of Work

The Work Ethic Goes The Way Of Its Close Relative, Slavery

Chapter Seventeen – The Spiritual Economy Shifts World Power to the Religious Belt

From Econocracy to Econoclasm                                                 

From Capitalism to Anarchism

The Form and The Spirit

Religious Economics

War, Industrial Growth, and the Rich-Poor Gap – Will They Accompany Us to the Grave?

War No More

The Religion Market – From Goods to Services to Religion

The Rise of the Religion Market

Confucio’s Religio-Economic Response

Chapter Eighteen – Africa, Indigenous Peoples, and the Peak Stage of the Spiritual Age

The Coincidence of Religious Prophecy

Religious-Spiritual Teamwork Capitalism


The Caste Struggle’s Last Struggle

Forward to the Past; Back to the Future

The Return to Power of the Indigenous Cultures

Africa, the Past and the Future

Sexuality and Spirituality